Tuesday, September 3, 2013

The Biopsy


From  The Biopsy, a Video

The Iconic Health Company as envisioned by FLO, a mobile EMR developed by a first year medical student gives hope to we aged MDs Nothing like fresh blood....they are our hope for the future.

Roheet Kakaday is a shining beacon, as he leads the way to a new concept in EMR, medical record flow and real meaningful use, not the stale unimaginative creation of HHS and CMS.

Not much is right in HIT and EMR despite proclamations of success by HHS and CMS. Despite accolades by data collection agencies, HHS, CMS and government agencies EMR by and large has made the clinical practice of medicine a nightmare, significantly reducing efficiency and patient face-to-face interaction leaving most patients dumfounded when their MD only glances at them during and examination...Many comment about MDs ,now treating the medical record, coming up for air only occasionally.

Yes there is more legible medical record available to consultants and doctors who see the patient after a primary encounter. Eric Topol MD explains this vividly in The Creative Destruction of Medicine..

Read what Roheet has to say about FLO;

“During medical school, we’re supposed to train on how to use hospital’s Epic EMR system. 

I took the training module for it and the moment it loaded, I was bewildered. My monitor had turned into a wormhole and was suddenly displaying software built in the 1990s. I stared for 30 minutes at what was basically a wall of text, trying to find my way around small buttons and clogged sub-screens. I hadn’t even learned how to use Epic yet and I was already frustrated. Perhaps it’s because Epic was a platform built upon billing practices that made it so confusing. Either way, I was done before I had even begun.

I’ve always been a fan of intuitive minimalist design. Everything in its place and a place for everything. I used my experience with that training module to inspire a better design that I think would help make medical work flows a bit easier.

Thus, I rapid prototyped Flo - a gesture-based patient-centric mobile EMR (mEMR) - to satisfy my needs. Flo tries to use our mobile screen space in creative ways instead of sticking to grids, tables, and a plethora of buttons like we’re used to in medicine. Information is displayed on a patient-by-patient basis, thus placing importance on the patient at hand. Swipe, rotate, or tap to get to the information you need. Simple.

This isn’t a robust or complete EMR, as there are a lot of assumptions functioning underneath this model, but, if we could get something like this, I would be so happy.

Let me know what you think.”

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