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The Problem with Meaningful Use and the Affordable Care Act and What’s Pushing EMR Switching?


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Most of us in health care knew that the enactment of the affordable care act was not conceived with the correct goals in mind.

The concept and goal of universal care for all Americans was emphasized at the expense of usability, adoption and ‘buy in ‘ by the health industry.  The health industry was searching for a streamlining and more efficient manner of accessing health care as well as making it more affordable. and uniform.

It has become apparent and more publicly recognized as deadlines fast approach for mandates, insurance exchanges, and expansion to the uninsured.

Are the wheels coming off ? Yes !  Will the Affordable Care Act stand….maybe…but certainly not as it is written.  It has caused a congressional crisis as the Republicans stand fast against President Obama and the Democrats with their wishful thinking and ignoring our debt crisis.

HIT implementation has been accelerated, however at the expense of purchasing unusable and immature EMR programs.

John Lynn of EMR and HIPAA offers the analysis and possible outcomes.

EMR and HIPAA report on ‘switching’.

Hospital Acquisition

EMR User Dissatisfaction

Not Meaningful Use Ready  EMR Switching Encouraged by Meaningful Use

Of course, EMR switching can be a real challenge and every EMR switch is unique. You have to consider what you want to do with your old data. Do you have a way to transfer it to the new EMR? Can you get the EMR data out of the old system? Do you want to transfer all or part of the data? Do you not want to transfer the data to the new EMR, but you still want to keep the old EMR around to access the previous EMR data?

And as time continues the formula for incentives significantly reduces the amount you will receive.  Changing EMRs will again reduce efficiency and increase your costs.  IS IT WORTH IT ?  Doubtful !

Many of the answers to these questions are heavily influenced by your original EMR contract. Sadly, many organizations did a poor job evaluating their EMR contract before they signed it. This can often lead to the old EHR vendor holding the EHR data hostage. It’s not pretty, but there are sometimes workarounds. Just be sure that you don’t make the same mistake with your new EHR vendor.

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