Tuesday, January 7, 2014

CES 2014 What's in IT for Digital Health ?

Many generic IT software and hardware have been adapted for health care by DIYers who are already physicians.  This year's CES will emphasize the expansion and new offerings for mobile health in health care, including new software for all  operating systems, and the new technology in smart devices.

Attending a CES show in Las Vegas offers much for physicians now. The offerings have expanded exponentially for both iOS, Windows, and Chrome/Android on a variety of hardware applicatons. Each OS serves different segments, depending on EMR, and legacy hardware.

CES offers a unique show, a one place visual carnival in a large exposition. The event is located in Las Vegas, where a global entertainment industry and gambling exist, side-by-side.

DHS will be focusing on the electronics at CES 2014 both health oriented and in the consumer space that could be applied to health care.

C-Net  also will offer full coverage specials on exhibitor booth and their offerings, for those who are couch potatos or unable to travel.

For Las Vegas Information and general information about CES, Housing, Transportation, Reservations, and Information about Shows, Entertainment, and much more: CES hosts a Website.

For those who need the "intimate" social reality experience attend in person.  Make certain you have taken your flu shot .

Where to get urgent health care.  Turntable Health is a Primary Clinic in downtown Las Vegas whose medical director is Zubin Damania (stage name- ZdoggMD)  a physician well known in social media circles and  trained at UC San Francisco.

While you are in Las Vegas  he may even be producing one of his unique and outrageous "ZdoggMD" episodes   (not to be missed)

The area that Turntable Health is located is in  an area that is underutilized and developed by Zappos, the well known online retailer. It is the innovative ultra-modern Los Vegas Medical Clinic where Patient-Centered Care is given, and is a worthwhile tourist destination to see where all the CES and HIT is used.

And Remember..."what happens in Vegas stays in Vegas.

This has been an unpaid public announcement.  See it, or pay the price.

The CES has already started, and there is already much appearing on YouTube, and all the standard social media platforms, if you cannot attend.

Watch for Digital Health Space on Google +

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