Sunday, January 12, 2014

HIPAA Compliaint Video Chats on Google + Hangouts

Introducing Helpouts by Google

This service marries the video chat features of Hangouts with the payment processing of Google Wallet, the identity management of Google+, and a slew of other Google service features. The end result is a gorgeous Frankenstein monster that lets you find expert help instantly via video.

Google + Helpouts is its own separate division within Google, but it uses all existing Google technologies.  

Many providers have been asking if Google + hangouts are HIPAA compliant. Up until now the answer has been 'no'.   Now for a charge it can be.  Further details are forthcoming from Google.

Until now telemedicine has been limited by not having a reimbursable computer code (Current Procedural  Terminology) CPT.  These are computer codes which define the procedure or service provided by a physician, hospital, or alliled health provider such as a nurse pracitioner, laboratory or imaging facility.

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