Wednesday, June 24, 2015

A New Wearable From Google Detects Diseases Prior To Patient Showing Symptoms | Techaeris

A New Wearable From Google Detects Diseases Prior To Patient Showing Symptoms

A New Wearable From Google Detects Diseases Prior To Patient Showing Symptoms | Techaeris

"Android Wear taking the Android world by storm, Google is working on bringing more functionality to wearables. However, instead of just keeping focus on the consumer line, the search giant is working another kind of secret wearable. This one is created by Google’s experimental Google X division and puts the entire focus on health tracking.
Like consumer devices, this secret wearable is not only able to take your pulse and heart rhythm but can also monitor your skin temperature continuously. Other things the device measures are light exposure and noise level. The search giant says the device is a lot more powerful than those tracking capabilities in current Android Wear devices.
The wearable isn’t the most attractive device and looks much closer to that of a Fitbit, and it’s capable of transmitting the monitored health data to the wearer’s doctor. It’s unclear what kind of software Google wants to use but the software is said to be easy to navigate.
The device is currently geared toward clinical trials and drug tests with the eventual hopes that it could give doctors an opportunity to monitor a patient of theirs at all times without requiring a hospital stay. There’s an eventual hope that the wearable could be worn by anyone and it could catch and prevent diseases before patients show any symptoms. In an interview with Bloomberg, Android Conrad of the life sciences team within the Google X division sees a bright future for the product.
“I envision a day, in 20 or 30 years, where physicians give it to all patients,” he said. “Prevention means all the time.”
Google will work with researchers and pharmaceutical firms throughout the summer to test the device and push for legal clearance in both the U.S. and Europe. From there, it will be used in official trials and tests. Don’t line-up for the hot, new wearable just yet, because while there’s plenty of excitement on the immediate horizon,  general availability appears to be a few years off."
Digital Health Space:  Opinion
The advantage for this health application is that the user normally wears a watch. This does not require any additional attachments for monitoring. It could be designed as a senior 911 alert, monitor blood sugar, Blood Pressure monitor, and use bluetooth for other purposes.


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