Sunday, June 28, 2015

E-value Mobile Health Education Curriculum Accreditation Management Clinical CompetencyCl

For those of you who have, or are discovering the  wealth of health apps available, not just for EHR or patient care we are publishing this special edition of Digital Health Space.

The title covers a swath of applications which may be unknown to  conventional practitioners and even some academicians.

1. E-value
2. Mobile Health
3. Health Education
4. Curriculum
5. Accreditation Management
6. Clinical competency logging

E*VALUE is a cloud based service (SAAS), which offers multiple solutions for users as needed.

Optimized Scheduling

Clinical Solutions

Teaching Solutions

Accreditation Solutions

     NAS & Milestones

     GME Insight

   Features of GME Insight Include: 
  • Milestones Reporting
  • Specialty-specific and sub-competency content
  • NAS-Related Program Indicators
  • Program-Level Dashboards and GME-Level Dashboards
  • Support for Annual webADS Reporting
  • Secure Data
  • PubMed Interface
    Allows students, faculty and administrators to retrieve, review and save PubMed articles without leaving E*Value.
  • Accessible From Any Device With Internet Access
    Teaching Solutions  (Video)

Empowering the Patient

New business models for pharmaceutical and medical device companies

Mobility is a key factor for staying in the game. This applies to providers as well.

How interoperability impacts the pace of mHealth adoption

Intelligent healthcare and the power of mHealth (Video)

Patients, health insurers, pharmaceutical companies, medical device manufacturers, hospitals are all adopting to the new 'mobile health paradigm.  Providers seem to be the last group to sign on

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