Tuesday, September 22, 2015

Our Upcoming Posts on Digital Health Space

In the next several days we will be publishing breaking news in the world of health information technology in California: Follow us on our RSS feed.

This year continues to see the advances and culmination of fine tuning of many HIT applications. End user adoption often is the final stage of making improvements for user functionality.

The addition of smartphones, tablets and their user friendly interface enhances usability without interfering with provider-patient engagement.

Patients often complain that their provider 'treats their PC screen' rather than looking at them during an encounter......This is anathema to engagement, patient centered medicine, and transferrence.

Look for these topics in the coming week(s)

ONC Releases Final Version of Five-Year Health IT Strategic Plan

ATA Fall Forum: Experts Discuss How To Overcome Barriers to Telehealth

Community Programs Awarded $1M in Grants To Support Data Sharing

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