Wednesday, April 6, 2016

Virtual Reality Expo — LA Convention Center August 5-6

Health Information Technology is expanding well beyond the classical boundary of Electronic Health Records, Health Information Exchanges, Telemedicine, Televideo, Mobile Health, and the confines of Meaningful Use confines of Medicare.

Digital Health Space will be participating at the VRLA Exposition.

Look for our display poster at our booth.    

                                                                Digital Health Space

                                                       Images from the Winter VRLA

Augmented and Virtual Reality

are already in use in some industries. The Robotic  Systems has used this technology for almost a decade to perform prostatectomy,  and is most useful in small incision surgery such as laparoscopy.

Some knowledgable 'insiders' describe the new medium akin to the color televisions on exhibit in the early 1950s.  And just as we now take television for granted in about five to ten years VR and AR will be the 'wow' factor.  Our children may well not know what life and work were before AR and VR

There will be AR/VR schools. at the exposition as well.

                                             Virtual Reality School re-cap Winter 2016

VRLA School is a monthly series of educational workshops and speaker sessions led by experts in VR and AR. The events will serve as an intimate environment for learning new skills and meeting new people in the immersive tech industry.
Please email to learn about teaching and/or sponsorship opportunities.

The Proto Awards announced at VRLA Winter Symposium 


VRLA is the world's largest virtual and augmented reality expo, welcoming both consumers and industry professionals. The expo will feature cutting-edge demos of the most exciting projects in development for the Oculus Rift, HTC Vive, PlayStation VR, Google Cardboard, Samsung GearVR, and more! Each day will be stacked with a lineup of insightful presentations, panels, and announcements. No other event offers this level of access to the general public and professionals alike.

Expo — VRLA

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