Monday, October 17, 2016

American Academy of Ophthalmology

This year I am attending the Academy Meeting from home. The annual event is a favorite of mine, however travelling takes a lot of energy, time away from the office, inconvenience, expensive hotel rooms, long lines, large crowds, dangers of infectious epidemics, remote possibility of public disturbances and even terrorism.  Sad to say the world has changed.   Yet technology is making life easier for some who remain creative and inquisitive.  However, there is nothing like immersing oneself in  the gestalt of an AAO meeting.  Next year !!

The event was broadcast by

Suffice it to say "it was good". Only sorry more content was not broadcast live.. The video and audio quality were first rate ! Broadcast quality..

Not only is the meeting a center for learning and sharing, It is also a social event where old friends, former residents, chiefs of departments renew old friendships, update war stories and compare notes.

There was a lot of activity on facebook and twitter as well. Who are the giants of social media in ophthalmology? Nominate your candidates in the comments. Perhaps one of these will become the first Secretary for Ophthalmology Social Media  #oscm

Innovation in Medical and Surgical Eye Care Takes Center Stage at AAO 2016

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