Saturday, October 22, 2016

The Ways Technology is Having an Impact on Healthcare

Over the past decade, developments and advancements in technology have had a huge effect on the healthcare industry, how we give and receive medical care, how patients and medical professionals communicate, and how new health professionals are trained. Technology has brought about a wide range of different benefits for the healthcare industry, and has made accessing suitable healthcare easier for all. Along with that, technological advancements have also made it easier for health professionals to attend to people in need during disasters or in developing countries which have limited access to medical resources. We’ve listed some of the main impacts that the latest developments in technology have had on the healthcare industry.

Training New Professionals

When it comes to training as a healthcare professional, technology has made it easier for anybody to apply and train to work in the healthcare industry. Whether you’re just graduating from high school and want to pursue a healthcare career or have been working in a career for a number of years and are ready for a change in pathway, technology has made it easier than ever for budding healthcare professionals to get a degree and start their career in the industry. For example, this RSN to BSN online course with no clinicals involved can help registered nurses to further their healthcare careers without having to quit work or cut their hours in order to qualify.

Digital Storage

Before it was possible to file records and other files digitally, hospitals and other healthcare institutions needed to rely on physical storage and filing systems in order to ensure that they had all of their patient and employee records in order. Because of this, the risk of losing records or confidential data being accidentally released was much higher for organizations within the healthcare industry. However, thanks to advancements in technology, specifically the development and launch of cloud computing, storing medical records and information on patients can be done much more safely and securely, with less risk of records being lost or ending up in the wrong hands.


One of the best things to come out of technological developments for the healthcare industry is telehealth. This idea allows doctors, nurses and other health professionals to contact others in the industry when they are in need of help, advice, or guidance with a certain procedure or diagnosis, for example. Telehealth has come in extremely handy during a range of emergency medical situations and at disaster sites such as earthquakes and tsunamis around the world where medical personnel and healthcare resources may be scarce.

Better Access to Healthcare

For patients, advancements in technology have made it easier for them to access the level of healthcare that they need. Online healthcare advice from sites such as WebMD or NHS in the UK have come in handy a number of times for patients who are suffering from certain symptoms and need some guidance when it comes to what to do next in order to get treatment. Along with this, online pharmacies give patients the option to speak to a qualified pharmacist or health professional online in order to get advice when it comes to the best steps to take in dealing with their symptoms. Although it may not yet be possible to get a full diagnosis and treatment completely online, there is a huge range of information and advice available for patients to take advantage of.

Health Tracking

Thanks to advancements in technology, it’s never been easier for a patient to track their health without disrupting their regular routine. More and more health professionals are incorporating the use of wearables and other smart devices which will not only track and record a patient’s vital signs, but will send data directly to their doctor or another health professional where it can immediately be assessed. This allows doctors and other health professionals to better get to know their patients and understand what is going on with their day to day health and well-being. Wearables and other smart devices have proven very popular when it comes to managing and treating conditions such as diabetes, sleep apnea, asthma, and heart conditions.
When it comes to recent advancements in technology and gadgets, the healthcare industry has been impacted in a number of different ways. Development of technology has created easier access to healthcare for patients, better collaboration for medical professionals, and has also made it easier for anybody to pursue a career in the healthcare industry. As technology continues to progress, more changes are definitely in store!

The Ways Technology is Having an Impact on Healthcare

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