Thursday, April 27, 2017

PlushCare unveils 'first-ever' EMR for telehealth |

Telehealth is a relatively recent invader of HIT.  This app merges an electronic health record with telemedicine applications.

More and more providers are joining the telehealth space as it helps increase access to care services. Some believe virtual visits allow for more personal interactions between patients and providers.
Most physicians are currently spending too much time imputing data into EMRs. Studies have shown the amount of time they spend on EMR-related tasks is about the same amount they spend with their patients. This in turn affects not only the patient experience, but also physicians' satisfaction with their work. EMR use has also led to more physicians reporting burnout from too many administrative tasks. 
While EMR vendors continue to optimize their systems, it is particularly difficult to do so with ones that have been in the industry for years and have seen massive growth.
PlushCare currently operates in 16 states and plans on expanding their footprint, particularly in rural areas where being able to access care has been increasingly challenging as more hospitals in these areas continue to close. 
About PlushCare 

PlushCare is the direct-to-consumer, online urgent care company that allows patients to get diagnosed, treated and prescribed medication via desktop or mobile devices. PlushCare connects patients with world-class doctors from the top 50 medical institutions in the United States for the highest quality urgent care. The unique combination of top-notch physicians, affordable pricing, same-day appointments with the patient's choice of provider, and personalized care structure make PlushCare the best in class platform for telehealth. For more information on PlushCare, visit the websiteTwitter and Facebook and download the PlushCare mobile app for iOS and Android.
Lemur - the cloud-based and HIPAA compliant EMR platform - allows PlushCare doctors to diagnose, treat, prescribe and provide ongoing treatment throughout the course of a medical issue directly from the platform itself. Lemur requires the fewest clicks in the industry to complete tasks such as writing a note, sending a prescription (eRx), ordering labs with full price transparency and reviewing lab results. PlushCare has collaborated with Surescripts, Eligible, and Elsevier, among others, whose capabilities are integrated into Lemur, further simplifying physicians’ tasks and affording them more time to focus on the patient directly.

“PlushCare’s Lemur takes the capabilities of virtual health to the next level and makes it a common sense health care option for physicians and consumers alike,” said Katelyn Gleason, CEO and Co-Founder of Eligible. “In addition to an easy to use interface and practical functionality, integrations from Eligible for real time eligibility verification and seamless claim submissions make Lemur the gold standard EMR for healthcare.”There is no mention about whether this application is interoperable with the EHR in use by the practice.

PlushCare unveils 'first-ever' EMR for telehealth | Healthcare Dive

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