Tuesday, April 25, 2017

Prepare for the Digital Health Revolution

 Digital Health Care Revolution | 

The next wave of 'catalytic innovation' also known as 'disruptive innovation is upon us. This next wave will insert and add new capacity and functionality to the HIT domain,

The business of medicine is inefficient, expensive,
and ripe for disruption. Here are 21 companies that
are using technology to reinvent it—and to change
our lives in the process.

This status quo is ripe for disruption. And while true reform will require all the relevant parties—government, industry, and health care consumers themselves—to make major adjustments, an insurgent group of digital health companies is doing its best to drag American medicine into the 21st century kicking and screaming as well as  34 Leaders Who Are Changing Health Care

To offer a preview of what this tech-optimized future might look like, we identified 21 innovative companies in five categories—each of which is challenging the conventional approach to medicine.

­American Well
­Doctor On Demand,
Nomad Health
Braeburn PharmaceuticalsIntarcia Therapeutics, and Proteus Digital Health 

Digital Petri Dish

Sirion Biotech
Titan Pharmaceuticals

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